Company History

History of STG Lifecare Ltd

Mr. Yogesh Vaidya, a graduate from the prestigious Birla Institute of Technology (BITS) & one of the co-founders of one of India’s most successful tech companies, HCL (in 1975) founded STG Lifecare Ltd (formerly, Software Technology Group International Ltd) at Silicon Valley, California in the year 1993.

Twenties’ were the times when digital technology had been widely embraced worldwide. Companies were rapidly shifting towards modernization, through digitization. While most entrepreneurs of the time were interested in catering to the buzzing demand for software development, Mr. Yogesh Vaidya decided to think different. He decided to go for skill enhancement of workforce so that they can cater to the needs of the Digital Revolution that was to come over the next decade. And, so began STG’s journey towards Skill Development Programs for graduates in Information Technology. What happened next is all history. ..

Skills Development- Between 1993 and 2013, STG has had the distinction of training over one million youth in some of the most cutting edge technologies of the world. This, it did through its association with market leaders in digital technologies like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Sun Microsystem, Novell, Prometric Testing and so on. It has had the distinction of being rated twice at the top 3 training institute by the DataQuest Magazine. Apart from having its network of over 100 authorized training centers in India, South East Asia and North America, STG has also delivered training to thousands of students through its campus associations with the prestigious University of California, Berkeley and the Golden Gate University, USA.

Software Development – A company that was churning out thousands of industry ready graduates every year couldn’t naturally stay away from the area of software development. In 1994, STG signed a multi-year software development agreement with Asymetrix Corporation. In 1995, it signed one of the biggest deals with AT&T and Hewlett Packard. And the journey just began. The next decade would see STG delivering cutting edge software technologies for over 150 prestigious organizations like the World Bank, RBI and manymore.

Specialized Healthcare Services - Healthcare Industry in India has done phenomenal development over the last decade or so. Owing to very high number of skilled medical professionals and with investment in world class hospitals by the private sector, India, today has become a major medical tourism destination. If there is one thing missing, it is; a reliable and prominent link between the healthcare service providers (super-specialty hospitals, clinics etc) and prospective patients from across the country, and the world. STG is filling that void through making strategic investment in the healthcare service sector. By working on a customer focused, value added, digital guided service platforms, STG is going to make Indian medical service reachable, affordable, reliable, and world class experience.